about us

About Us

Taiwan-based, professional manufacturer

TAIWAN BIKE RACK CO.,LTD (Brand: TBRACING), established in 1995 in Taiwan, wholly-owned operating
companies. We are over 25 years of professional manufacturing experience in Taiwan. Our factory has

7 stamping line, from 15 tons to 1000 tons stamping machine. | 10 ribbon machine
15 sewing machine | 5 driller | 5 Assembly line | 2 die casting machine 1 laser engraving

We are devoted in ODM/OEM service, and provide new technologies,
new solutions to customers.
TBRACING is a world leader in the engineering, designing and manufacturing performance racing products for race car drivers and safety equipment.

TBRACING factory machine 1
TBRACING factory machine 2
TBRACING factory machine 3
TBRACING factory machine 4
TBRACING factory machine 5
TBRACING factory machine 6

TBRACING is able to develop and implement new technologies dedicated to various applications of seat belts in the markets, such as the racing, military, aviation, aerospace, exceptional transport and many other fields where technical and customized products are required. Welcome to write to inquire about your needs.

TBRACING factory machine 7
TBRACING factory machine 8
TBRACING factory machine 9
TBRACING factory machine 10
TBRACING factory machine 11
TBRACING factory machine 12
TBRACING factory machine 13
TBRACING factory machine 14
TBRACING factory machine 15
TBRACING factory machine 16

Our Products

TBRACING Our Products

TBRACING manufacture precision products,
like seat belt hardware and components,
FIA & SFI international certification racing
seat belts, seat belt buckle, restraint buckle,
cam buckle, tie down straps, windows net,
and other related safety equipment.

TBRACING Qc System & Safe testing

Qc System &
Safe testing

In order to build up a good quality control systems, TBRACING follow

  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • FIA standard 8853-2016 Homologation Standards
  • FIA standard 8854/98 Homologation Standards
  • SFI 16.1 specification
  • SFI 16.5specification
  • SFI 16.6 specification
  • SFI 27.1 specification
  • Also set up tons of professional test equipment which can make sure TBRACING ‘s product are good.

Our quality inspectors are responsible for inspecting all areas of production from raw material to packing condition. Our team take good care to ensure all components and labeling meet customer require. The quality of TBRACING products is the result of intensive R&D which allows to achieve the highest levels of performance and safety.